In 2012, GIW Designs launched from my love for interior decor, design and architecture.

My mission is to bring style, art and beauty into my clients lives.  Everyone is different – likes/dislikes, backgrounds, cultures, priorities.  I tailor my services to meet your needs and requirements.

Your home can tell your story…

My Story

After years in the corporate world, I decided to follow my passion for interiors and create beautiful, functional and practical homes.  My home is a renovation in progress (what do they say about builder’s homes never being complete?), it’s a family home full of stories and memories.

My style is classic glamour – rich dark fabrics, classic furniture with a blend of metallics and a pop of colour! I’ve decorated my home using existing pieces that have a story – artwork, travel souvenirs, antique or family heirloom furniture and built a beautiful space around them.

Forget the rules, forget the trends – fill your home with things you love, things that make you happy.